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Prominent Republican lawmakers are publicly entertaining allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election while simultaneously preparing for Joe Biden to take the White House. The intent is not so much about supporting President Trump’s challenge, but beginning the effort of delegitimizing the Biden agenda.

Depending on your media consumption, you’ve largely seen continuous coverage of one of two stories over the past six weeks: Joe Biden’s decisive victory over the incumbent Republican president, or allegations of widespread voter fraud designed to take down President Donald Trump. …

Fans for attendees are shown Thursday outside a public viewing for Herman Cain. The former Republican presidential candidate, radio host and entrepreneur died July 30. Family and friends gathered for a service Friday at Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta. CREDIT JOHN AMIS / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Long-time Republican politician Herman Cain passed away on July 30th, but the renewed activity on his verified Twitter is making many wonder what happens to a person’s account following their death.

Users on Twitter were thrown into a frenzy Wednesday when the account of a deceased politician posted on the platform — raising concerns about the rights of the initial user and the control of their profile after their passing.

Around 4:00pm Eastern Time the verified Twitter account @THEHermanCain posted , “There is news from Cain HQ. The mission continues,” alongside a link to the a personal website. About an…

World leaders and major corporations spent the past week reviewing their policies when it comes to the popular social media app, prompting speculation about the future of the platform that has taken the United States by storm.

White House officials took to the airwaves and podiums at the beginning of the week, seemingly on message with one talking-point in particular. Despite the latest divisions in the country and coronavirus cases passing three-million on Wednesday, the national security risk being discussed throughout the next few days involved a smartphone app known as TikTok.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump…

Mark and Patricia McCloskey seen in screen grab from one of the viral videos

The couple’s response to Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis could be an indicator of how Americans are perceiving the movement through television.

A private property in St. Louis was anything but this past Sunday as protesters veered off their course on Kings Highway, through the circular gate leading to the residential neighborhood on Portland Place, and positioning themselves within feet of the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey. …

Alex Salvi

Anchor and executive producer of the show After Hours on One America News — a nightly talk show covering the convergence of media and politics (M-F @ 10pm ET).

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